Directed by Robert Sexton
Produced by Kenneth Culver
DP: Kara Stephens
Coordinator: Angela Tenner
Asst. Coordinator: Ted Venemann
Makeup Artist: Suzi Hale
1st AC: Chris Dibble
Editor: Hernan Barangan
Colorist: Gerry Holtz
Online: Confident Productions
Executive Producers: Ted Venemann, Jerry Venemann, Carry Goldstein, Dirk Dierking and Robert Sexton

Special thanks:

Joe, Wayne, Danielle and Steven at LOADED

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Link to Main Man Records Runaways Tribute Page:

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"Wasted", for Main Man Records.
Music video for the Runaways tribute album, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, on Main Man Records.
(Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, The Dwarves, Death Angel. AMEN, Mondo Generator, Genocide)

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