Screened at"Filmscape" (30/07/2012, Dunbar, Scotland)

A film by Swoon based on the poem "An armed man lurks in ambush" by Howie Good.

The images in the film are footage from a film about Pripyat (credit to Golden Movies Productions,2009)

Images before the disaster at the nuclear plant, images of the evacuation of the town, images of the ghost town now. Hence the title of the film, Not Again.

Although the poem by Howie is about other things and places, I wanted the images from Pripyat add another dimension to the story, the poem, the atmosphere of the whole film.

Words: Howie Good
Voice: Nic Sebastian for Whale Sound (
Concept, videotreats, editing and music: Swoon

Thanks to Whale Sound, Fam. Van de Walle and Golden Movies Productions

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