Unknown Conception is a technological feat of 12 separate frames, individually crafted to host each piece of glass, strategically assembled by 60 3-inch bolts, finished with an architectural precision. Iamikan shares about the difficulty of working with 12 pieces of glass, “first with the paints and topical layers of resin, “Unknown Conception” was very labor intensive and then later with the frame and design aspect of merging it all together required an acuity of attention to detail.”!

When crafting this piece Iamikan worked with oil and acrylic paint, layering it with resin, creating fiery movements of liquid lava transitioning into a solid state. He evolved this expression over months of time leaving it purposefully in a dark room to curate, harden and self-design.

Dimensions: 42x38
Mixed Media: Oil, acrylic and resin on glass


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