Furthest trip out thus far. Nice calm day but 90 minutes behind schedule. The right wing AoA was pitched up 1-2mm and I didn't see it, had to trim the heck out of it. All went well other than having to improvise a mast mount for the single helical 2.4 antenna I was using at the last second. It was 20' up on a pole but was either pointing down or some or near level, this will be corrected by next weekend.
3 miles from home on the return there was massive interference in the video, I havent a clue what caused this. My goal was 8.1 miles(later found out I need to do over 10mi) out which would been further than I think anyone has pushed the EZ Star or clone of it. Good thing I didn't as I would have been 5 miles out when the video interference started.
LOL the landing was interesting, my buddy was there standing to my left side fixing to make a video of the return(turns out he made a great glare shield), when he started to move away the glare was a bit much on the screen!
All in all everything went well, only balancecharged 3000mah of 5000mah(DOSD calibration is close) for the flight which is pretty good for a 5.5x4.5 APC prop. AUW was 1059 grams.
Gear used:
Sky Surfer pusher EP glider
5000mah 3s 20c
30amp Pentium ESC
HiMax 2815 2000kv motor
APC 5.5x4.5e prop
Futaba 9CAP Super w/Dragonlink on a Diamond MR-77 magnet mount
IBCrazy RHCP Clover Leaf on TX
Communications Corp RHCP 2.4 14.5dbi helical at 20'(pointed too far down)
Lawmate video 2.4GHz 500mW TX standard RX
Recorded on Emprex BPR-101 converted to MP4 with Openshot Video Editor

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