Project « Ghostrider » was born from the desire of two fixed gear passionates who decided to film their night strolling in the french capital city.

Fond of images (the first one is a film director, the other one a photographer) and fixies, Jérémy and Anto, aka // Les Darons //, catch the adrenalin spirit of the discipline inside their cameras. The first opus, « Ghostrider » is soon massively shared.A year later, it’s time for « Ghostrider II », with only one leitmotiv : the search for danger that brings out the filthiest instincts.

As a result, they created a mind blowing video you cannot look away from, since the mastered elegance of the black & white contrasts with a frightening visual reality, increased by the oppressiv beats of Gesaffelstein, the new prodigy on the techno scene.

The producer’s athmosphere seduced the riders and the idea of a collaboration naturally grew up. « Viol » (to be released July 19th on Turbo Recordings on the « Conspiracy Part 2 » EP), full of howling and heady sirens, was obviously the right track to illustrate this out-of-time night ride.

The crew is now chock-full of ideas and various projects so watch out ! You might run into them at dawn…

2011 - Directed by // Les Darons //
Soundtrack : "Viol" by Gesaffelstein (SAVOIR FAIRE : TURBO RECORDINGS)

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