SocialBro is a tool to manage and analyze your Twitter community. With SocialBro you will be able to learn more about your community thanks to different search criteria and filters that can be applied to your followers and friends. SocialBro's technology allows you to download all your community to your PC and browse them even if you are offline.

SocialBro will be available as an Adobe Air desktop application and as a Google Chrome App

- Download all your Twitter community (followers and friends) to a local database which you can consult even when offline.
- Search your followers and friends using different criteria such as name, location and description.
- Filter and order the search results using different criteria such as: number of followers, frequency of tweets, account age, recent activity, language, time zone.
- Create Twitter lists with the search results
- Detect who is following you and easily follow them back
- Detect who recently unfollowed you and easily unfollow them.
- Discover your new followers
- Detect potential spammers, noisy users, influential users, famous people, newbies from amongst your friends and/or followers.
- Visualize statistical information about your community: time zone charts, languages charts, users by number of followers, users by recent activity, etc.
- Visualize the world wide distribution of your community in a map
- Manage multiple accounts
- Analyze your competitors or other interesting profiles: copy their lists, follow their friends and followers, etc.
- Analyze Twitter search results by users
- Analyze any Twitter lists
- Import any text list of users such as: conferences attendees, your app users, etc.
- Add notes and reminders to the users
- Tag users
- Export to Excel
- Manage Twitter messaging campaigns

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