In 1914, a man abandoned his horse and escaped the impending disaster that loomed overhead. Man, horse and barn. They are all either dead or destroyed. But they live forever.
Artist Statement:
Depending on your age, the word carbon could hold a special meaning. “Carbon dating” in archeology, “carbon life forms” in 1960’s science fiction and most recently, the “carbon footprint.” referring to our use of fossil fuel consumption. When I was growing up, the “carbon copy” was the only tool we had to print and distribute written material. It was often clumsy, messy and unreliable. What If I could copy a film loop like a 1960’s Gestetner copier?
I have always been interested in traditional forms of mechanical reproduction in photography and film, so I created Carbon Copies as a film photogram. Each frame was uniquely exposed as if it were the product of a mimeograph machine lacking the proper amount of carbon paper. As a result, a repetitive loop became a succession of individual portraits – pulsating and vibrating - defined by the duration of the movement within the frame. This is a silent film.

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