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I recently did a trip which included a three day jaunt on the The California Zephyr, a train that runs from San Francisco to Chicago (or the other way). This footage was shot on that trip.

The text is an excerpt from a story I wrote about the whole trip, which included time in California, a drive up part of the PCH, and culminating in this train journey. You can read the entire text of "A Ramblin' Mixtape" (2 parts) at shnoos.com/?p=393, or just the bit about the train at shnoos.com/?p=477. Also, I took loads of photos from the train flickr.com/photos/noodle/sets/72157607530897557/

The music is by Moby, and used with permission from the Moby Gratis program. Check it out @ mobygratis.com

It's not the best edit in terms of sound mix and consistency, but I hope people dig it. I'm still new to this video lark.

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