It’s time for another Morning Music & Coffee Consumption post, or mm-cc.

This time there were simultaneous mm-cc’s happening on either side of the country. Jared and his crew in Florida and myself and my crew in Socal. We decided that for the final product we should combine both jams into one.

We made it a truly collaborative creation. I sent Jared our tracks from the west coast and he blended them into his recordings. He sent me video footage that he filmed on the east coast and I created visuals to accompany the track over here.

For the visuals, I decided to do some time-based effects on the footage. For those of you who know a bit of After Effects, I used the Time Displacement effect combined with some evolving grayscale mosaics.

The second effect I did, where you travel down a tunnel of video footage, was inspired by this short video I spotted a while back on vimeo ( I thought it was a pretty cool kaleidoscopic effect reminiscent of a New Zealand fern. I didn’t quite put enough effort into really pulling off the fern effect and decided to call it a day. It’s all right. It looks pretty cool.

I hope you enjoy this mellow trip into the void.

To learn more about mm-cc and to see previous videos check out the site at

Also, check out Jared's site, he's doing one creative thing a day for a year.

Also, check out my blog. Go ahead. Do it.


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