In 2008 I climbed up above the village of Tabo in Himachal Pradesh, India. I had my Sony Alpha DSLR with me, and took some photos with my wide-angle lens.

Back at home I used iPhoto to export the stills as a QuickTime movie. It sure ain't HD video, but my DSLR didn't take video back then, and it was interesting to try.

You can control how fast you drift left and right using the > controls in the Vimeo player, or pause to freeze on one direction.

The little patch of green way down in the valley is Tabo where we lived for about a month. The peaks higher up behind me lead to the border with China, about 20-30km away, if you're brave enough to risk getting shot or detained.

This was as high as I was able to go, just because it took me most of the day to reach this point, I didn't have a map, and I didn't have a guide with me. I'd followed a faint trail, zig-zagging across scree falls and under cliff ledges, and it led on further up the mountain from this point. But only later, when I showed these photos to some locals, did I learn the trail headed back into Tibet.

It looked like there was at least another 1,000m of peak still to get over or around behind me. Tabo is about 3,000m so I'd guess I was probably at 4,000m when I turned back.

I got home about 7pm that night, very footsore and dusty from all the scree I had to surf down. Time for a beer.

If you ever want to try it, the trail up the mountain begins on the far side of the road bridge across the creek just out of Tabo. You'll know which one — there's just one road, and just one bridge!

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