The 2009 National Summit "Sustainable Globalisation: Will it Survive the GFC?" critically examined the impact of the first global recession since World War II on long-standing issues concerning globalisation, including global governance, labour standards and corporate social responsibility as well as climate change and energy security. The Summit assessed in particular the role and the response of the US.

This session:

Corporate social responsibility – How should business behave in the GFC?

CSR became an integral part of business models before the GFC at a time when creative partnerships between business, NGOs, communities and governments were becoming increasingly common. Now all attention is focused on bottom line issues like jobs and wages. How should business deal with broader social concerns?


Michael Hiscox, Professor of International Affairs, Harvard University and pioneer in fieldwork on consumers and sustainable products

Richard Locke, Professor of Entrepreneurship, MIT; founder Laboratory for Sustainable Business

Katie Lahey, Chief Executive, Business Council of Australia


Peter Thompson, Presenter ABC TV and ANZSOG Fellow

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