In the wake of the successful premier of Resonance, we called upon the guys from Box of Toys Audio to create a score to accompany this playful visual mash weaving together the visual compositions of the of the various projects involved.

Box of Toys Audio encapsulates the essence of the collaboration by using a wide variety of instruments and production techniques. Instruments such as the an African thumb piano, violin and Tibetan singing bowls were recorded in a forested area, and were layered in with other worldly instruments such as the didgerdoo and duduk in order to accomplish a varied and original sound.

This sound was produced in such a way so that the track flickers and flows in line with the visuals, introducing digital elements to an acoustic source and therefore reflecting the way in which some of the projects were created.

Featuring visuals from: Displace Studios | Esteban Diacono | Heerko Groefsema | Jean-Paul Frenay | Jr.canest | KORB | Kultnation | Mate Steinforth | Matthias Müller | Momentary People | MRK | Murat Pak | Onur Senturk | Physalia studio | Polynoid | SR Partners | Thiago Maia | Tom Waterhouse | Tronic Studio | Spatial Harmonics Group

And the original projects scored by: Audionerve | Box of Toys Audio | Combustion | CypherAudio | David Kamp | Echolab | Hecq | Michael Fakesch | Mutant Jukebox | Radium Audio | Studio Takt | World Gang"

You can view the full selection of resonance collaborations at -

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