This thirty minute documentary film was shot with a student crew during spring of 2006 at Qingdao middle school number 58 and in Qingdao city, Shandong province, the People’s Republic of China.
Qingdao is on the east coast, about halfway between Beijing and Shanghai. It was a German concession and colony from the 1890s until WWI (similar to the more longstanding British seizure of Hong Kong during the Opium Wars), occupied by the Japanese during WWII then returned to Chinese control. The city remains somewhat Germanic: colonial buildings, a seaside promenade, a Catholic cathedral and the eponymous ("Tsingtao") beer factory.
This film and my time at Qingdao 58 were part of the Connecting Cultures project funded by Creative Partnerships and commissioned by Solent Centre for Architecture + Design.
And yes, apparently there are at least 57 other schools in Qingdao.

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