When you write the story of your life does it include a lot of “cant’s”, “I wishes”, and “if only’s”? Do you want to create a legacy, but fear you’re only dreaming up a myth?

What if you knew the Five ESSENTIAL Elements of every Success Story and how to use these elements to turn your “myths and dreams” into your personal “reality and legend?”

What if you knew the secret to blasting through the “brick walls” of “can’t”?

What if you knew the trick to learning strategies for creating your own legend from other people who have already achieved stratospheric success?

If you’re ready to turn dream and myth into reality and legacy, you’ll want to join us for this special conversation with Blast Thru Coach, Storyteller, and Muse: Dixie “Dynamite” Gillaspie.

About our presenter:

Since 2008, Dixie has focused her coaching practice on fueling the success of entrepreneurs. Her past lives, though, include time as a business consultant and analyst, a change agent and trainer, and a general trouble-shooter to entrepreneurs and business leaders.

She will tell you she is allergic to the word “can’t”, which may be why client and colleague, author and speaker “Hello my name is Scott” Ginsberg, describes Dixie as a “booster not a buster.” Her clients soon discover that blasting through the brick walls of “I can’t” is just one of the talents that earned her the name “Dynamite”, another is her fired up approach and positive energy.

She has been called a muse to genius, an alchemist, and a power connector. She has coached both new and established entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and other coaches, and one thing is always clear – Dixie “Dynamite” Gillaspie brings both the energy and the clarity to get people fired up, blasting through barriers, and writing and living their own stratospheric success stories.

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