The Solar System is much more than a collection of
planets, moons, comets, and asteroids. It is our home
in the cosmos.

The Solar System's only star, which we call the Sun,
plays a role in nearly every aspect of our cosmic neighborhood.
The 8 planets, including Earth, all revolve around the
Sun. No two planets are alike.

There are hundreds of moons in our Solar System,
many are intriguing worlds waiting to be explored.
Comets are Solar System interlopers, bringing information
from the very edge of the Solar System.

Our Solar System resides in a spiral arm of the Milky
Way Galaxy, where our Sun is one among billions of
other stars.

The search for evidence of life, past and maybe even
present, is the study of astrobiology.

From Earth to the Solar System (FETTSS) provides
a few snapshots of the wonders contained within this
unique system, the likes of which we have yet to discover
anywhere else in the Universe.

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