Update: Here's a plug for Dual Eyes syncing software. Using the Lumix's audio as the guide track, I dropped all of the H2 clips into the same folder and ran Dual Eyes. It failed the first run through because of the very low quality mic and recording from the Lumix S1; however, when I told Dual Eyes to Try Harder, and to Fix Audio Drift, it totally worked it's magic and then I had the better H2 audio married right to the original S1 clips. All while keeping a copy of my original files untoouched. I'm lovin' it as it really makes me record second audio now because ot the ease/accurcy of Dual Eyes. Just a satisfied user, not a shill.

I built a 10' lighter wooden version of Rod's aluminum ladder dolly system that I saw on Cheesycam. I wanted mine to be a little lighter(it's about 1/3 lighter than my aluminun ladder) and one that was a bit longer.
Anyway, with the help of my buddy, Stan, I shot this video explaining how I did it and mistakes that I made.

Equipment Used for the shoot of me talking:
Lumix S1 720p video
H2 audio recorder
Rode Shotgun Mic
All of that was mounted on a $20 Fig Rig that I bought on eBay.

Equipment Used for the actual Dolly Shots:
Lumix GH2
Lilliput 7" Monitory
Old Canon 50mm Prime Lens for close-up dolly shots
Lumix 14-42mm m4/3 lens for the medium dolly shots

Dual Eyes to synce the H2 audio to the Lumix S1 guide audio track...see above.

The music clip is from John Carpenter's They Live.

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