"What excites me about Concordia is the same as it was many, many years ago, and it’s the mission of the institution and the people who deliver that mission. With more than 20 undergraduate majors and over 50 specializations, Concordia provides the opportunity to explore a wide variety of subjects.

"We encourage students to challenge not only themselves, but their professors in the world of knowledge and education. Here, we say, ‘Come and ask the questions, and we will be right alongside of you, guiding you, and facilitating you to an answer that’s reflective of what Scripture tells us.'

"The heart of Concordia is its people. It is the people who we hire, the people who are in line with our mission, who understand that we are going to be doing something a little bit different than you might find on other college campuses, here or around the world. Our academic bar is set high, and the Concordia community is steadfast in supporting your academic success.

"I’m Mary Scott, Executive Vice President of Concordia University and Provost."

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