"When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl" tells the startling, unuttered truth about America's good gray poet. Starting out as an ordinary nine year old girl, Walt is soon catapulted into the world with her senses ablaze. Based on a prose poem by M.C. Biegner, the film mixes drama, dance, puppetry, and oddball humor to portray the world through the eyes of a "sensitive kid."

Based on a prose poem by M.C. Biegner
Adapted, Directed, and Edited by Jim Haverkamp
Director of Photography: Alex Maness
Featuring: Natalie Braun, Lormarev Jones, Carl Martin, Gina Kohler, James Morrow, Dan Partridge, Tom Marriott, Jay O'Berski, Brad Boll, Patrick Braun, Venson Mathews, and Don Henderson Baker
Music by Actual Persons Living or Dead, Anders Parker, and Brian Weeks

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