Finally got me one of dem fancy para-flyer things lately, good fun! Big ups to Matt Gerdes from Ozone and Mike Steen from Cloud 9 for the killer gear, Thanks guys!

These clips are all from the eastern Sierra again, one of the best locations to fly in North America(?). Not sure though, totally a newbie here!

About the last set of clips of thermaling over the Sierra- exciting to say the least. Was only my twelfth flight with the paraglider! Flew for almost four hours that day from Walt's point, covering 85 miles on the GPS, with a total A to B distance of 43.1 miles. My LZ for the flight was a nice set of high altitude pine trees deep in the Palisades! Luckily my reserve set me down nice and gentle like, up in the tops of the trees!! SHIT!
Wadded the wing up too close to the ground to even try and get it controlled, threw the parachute ASAP! Tossed it at about 150 to 200 feet Above Ground Level (AGL).
GoPro ran out well before this event, unfortunately!

Cloud 9 guys- I tried to pick out all the pine needles from inside the glider, hope it isnt too trashed to fix! Thanks!

-Dave Turner

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