OGG STREAMING: archive.org/download/MofCartiniAnimati/MOFCartiniAnimati.ogv
MPEG2 file (912.3 MB, DVD compliant): archive.org/download/MofCartiniAnimati/MOFCartiniAnimati.mpg
ENGLISH SUBTITLES: archive.org/download/MofCartiniAnimati/03-MOFCartiniAnimati_EN.srt

This backstage video is a documentary on the production of CARTINI ANIMATI, vimeo.com/24535418 , an animation about recycling paper, made by 70 Italian kids (5-7 year old).

It's divided in 5 chapters:
1. How to make recycled paper in the classroom
2. What happens if you use mixed waste instead of just paper?
3. How to improved differentiate waste collection.
4. How to tell others our discoveries with an animation

This video is part of an Italian school project called "Esperimenti di cinema" that consists in making animations. The production is focussed on creativity and collaboration.
To know more see the project website (mainly in Italian): g-raffa.eu/Cinema_a_Scuola

It's published with a Creative Commons License BY-SA 3.0 Italia.

It's produced using Free Open Source Software:
Video Capture: Kino and dvgrab kinodv.org
Editing: CinelerraCV cinelerra.org
Operating System: Ubuntu ubuntu.com/

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