"Detroit is a city that truly appreciates your contributions and having you here". For members of Detroit's GLBTQ community, that appreciation is manifest. Whether through activism, business ownership, historic preservation, or as cultural curators, the gay community is changing the landscape of the city.

Here are just a few of the faces of Detroit's vibrant GLBT community.

Thanks to Joe Posch and all the wonderful people and businesses that participated in this video, including:

Avalon International Breads: avalonbreads.net
Park Bar: parkbardetroit.com
Equality Michigan: equalitymi.org
Wink Detroit: winkdet.com
Blair: myspace.com/blairmusic
Miz Korona: myspace.com/1mizkorona


Executive Producers: Toby Barlow and Dorota Coy
Producer: Amanda LeClaire
Edit: Oren Goldenberg
Graphic Designer: Michael Burdick
Sound Master: Dan Verlinde
Production Assistant: Andrei Klein

Music by Blank Artists

J.A. Cummings - Intermission
C+P 2007 Blank Artists (ASCAP)

Josh Cummings - Morning Birds
C+P 2009 Blank Artists (ASCAP)

Theatre Of The Absurd - Closer
C+P 2007 Blank Artists (ASCAP)

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