This is Nine Inch Nails performing Reptile on the final night of their Lights In The Sky Tour in Las Vegas.

The original audio comes from Ryan J's recordings ( ) I've re-worked the audio fully to help get the best sound quality possible using the multitracks for the electronic stuff and doing overdubs for the instruments. Download the audio here :

The footage comes from :

YouTube users: Chaonatic, xdonzipx, morningstardust, paradoxical jib, nikzane, ryanjonik, aerocanuck, biobrat16, queenmel13, psychoticstar, themanfromglad, thastick812.
Vimeo users : Tammy Rivers, Shawn Bouckaert, Todd B, Alfred Hess.

See more at

Enjoy while we wait for the fan-made DVD !


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