New electronic-mechanical-acoustic music created from drawings submitted by visitors to the Whitechapel Gallery in June 2010. A project for the Spitalfields Festival by Aleks Kolkowski, produced by Twisted Lounge. The event was entitled 'Xenakis and Visual Music'.

Selected drawings, which were made on graph paper and also exhibited in the gallery, were traced onto the graphics-to-sound software program HighC, and transformed into music. Using a disc-cutting lathe and a phonograph, the drawn lines of sound were then made to etch grooved lines onto records and wax cylinders forming material for a combined sound installation and performance. The drawings were interpreted as graphic scores by a quartet of musicians and the records were played during the concert on antique, hand-cranked machines - electronic music was made to sound without any electricity.
Introduced by Ed McKeon.

Anton Lukoszevieze – Stroh Cello & Gramophone; Bridget Cary – Stroh Viola; Alan Tomlinson – Trombone; Aleks Kolkowski (Dir.) – Stroh Violin, Musical saw, Gramophones & Phonograph

Filmed by the Whitechapel Gallery:
HighC, draw your music:

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