HO ! Surfboard is based on 70's classic surfboards templates. Built with 100% recycled material.

The will of shaping "Green" surfboard have lead us to the hollow wood construction. Hollow wood surfboard are unike, they construction are stronger and last much longer then foam boards. Foam is made out of plastic, plastic is made out of petrol. We can't keep using this material, to build sustainably and stop polluting our planet we found other ways to shape surfboards. Foam surfboards will last probably a few year riding it. But the foam it self will last hundreds of years. We build surfboards out of wood, the board will probably last decades riding it everyday and then it will biodegrade and return to earth. Ho! Surfboard are built with FCS wood. The glue, resin and fiberglass are 100% recyclable.

Ho! Surfboard is a brand new surf company from Switzerland.

More to come during this summer !

Waiting for HoSurfboard.ch website to be built visite : gergwills.ch/?page_id=1848

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