This is my second short film shot with my 5D Mark II. Its a mini documentary about my adopted little brothers who moved with my family from Hawaii to South Bend, IN.

Most people probably don't know I have two little identical twin brothers since they are 25 years younger than I am. They have been living in Hawaii for the last 6 years with my family who adopted them through the foster care system over 5 years ago.

Chaz and Noah are identical twins who were born to homeless parents in Honolulu. They just celebrated their 6th birthday and they haven't had the easiest 6 years. They both suffer from major health complications from being born very premature. In fact, the day before I filmed most of this, Chaz had gone into the ER with a seizure. Chaz is mostly blind, severely autistic, and has cerebral palsy, but is a very sweet and absorbs everything he hears.

Noah is in much better shape, is obsessed with airplanes, and he looks out for Chaz in a lot of subtle ways. His voice is damaged and he sometimes has problems breathing, but he will most likely lead a fairly healthy and normal life.

So, here they are. Let me know what you think. If you or someone you know would like video like this, please tell them to contact me on my website.

Technical Details:
Shot with
24mm 1.4 Mark II
24-105 f4
50mm 1.4
85mm 1.8

Edited with:
iMovie 08
under 45 minutes during an airport delay
Audio captured directly from the camera
no additional lighting
shot in monochrome in camera

music by devotchka and the tumbled sea

more to be posted soon...

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