The making of Xylem by Angelo Musco.

The production of Xylem project started on June 2010, and finished on June 2011, one full year, 3 photo shoots, and several hundreds of models divided in 3 different locations in New York City., Thanks to the great response of large groups of models, volunteers and the help of several photographers, we were able to gather enough material for the construction of the piece.
After spending many many hours of editing and digital construction and after more then 1 million bodies, Musco was able to reach the finish line.

The word "Xylem" is derived from classical Greek, which means wood. In trees, the xylem tissue transports water and nutrients from the roots and soil up to the shoots and leaves.

This innate emotional connection we feel towards nature served as inspiration for the Xylem Project. It's a densely packed forest created as an arboreal vascular system of roots and branches that draws in energy from both the underworld and heaven

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