A movie about conscience and free market. For more and detailed info (english): riyatabirleri.net/e_index.html

An ironic approach to the history of humanity.
1 On the Road to Fitness: The Invention of Reason • The Age of Discovery • The Age of Steam
2 The Bronze Age: What is the brave sheriff busy with?
3 The Invention of Fire: Facts you don't find in history books
4 The Age of PR: Where do the free individuals work?
5 The Percent Age: I owe my soul to the company store
6 The Diamond Age: And there at once he found it - coal!
7 The Invention of Writing: The blessings of the Age of Hunter-Gatherers
8 The Radio Age: Whoever protests, will be killed, let it be known
9 The Age of Liberty: Everyone is free in the free market.

Created & edited by Ümit Kıvanç. English translation by Nazım Dikbaş & Richard Hamer.

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