I wanted to go and shoot some time-lapse on Friday night, but every one I was talking to would warn me not to go because of "Carmageddon" (for those of you not living in LA, Carmageddon was the name given to the closing of a 10 mile stretch of the 405 freeway. It was predicted to be a traffic nightmare.) To me it just sounded like something to go time-lapse. Turns out the closure is due to a demolition of a famous 60 year old stretch of road called Mulholland Dr Bridge which crossed over the 405 freeway.
So the shoot turned into a sleepless, all night event.

One thing that stood out, that I could not help but notice as I talked with LA locals, was everyone had a childhood story about this road.

I heard stories such as; "My fisrt kiss was on this road" or "We used to race our cars along this road". Some even pointed out hisotrcal facts, for example, " the road opened the same day Ben Hur won best picture". As the locals kept sharing their stories with me I realized that I was witnessing something special.

This time-lapse movie was shot over Friday night and on into Saturday morning.

Thank you Alan Verzani for all your help and great shots, and thank you dynamicperception.com.
This is also my first time-lapse with the stage zero.

Music by Gramatik The Unfallen Kingdom

Canon 7d
stage zero (dynamicperception.com/)

contact givot.m@gmail.com
twitter @mgivot
Google+ gplus.to/mgivot

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