I am no pro, and that I thank you. Please comment and ask me any question about the Sony Cybershot HX9 of this video, and I will do my best to asnwer:

I shot this all on the Sony HX9, in Video mode, and set the EV down to - 1.0 on most clips. That you see is all the camera's doing.

For how you see the video, it is in 2:21 resolution, and speed from 60fps down to 24fps.

On rendering I agin chosen 24fps vs 29.97. or 59.84. I save only for online at WMVHD1920x1080. reasons. no hesitation for slower speed internets.

Quality is set on camera at Highet possable avc hd, 1080I60f.

That covers all my skills here. thank you.

JAke is on full recovery, he is the choco lab mix, he has a Titanium Plate left rear leg, He is a dawg, a 6 thousand dollar dog, He would appriciate your'e comment, liking and gratitude lol. thank you.

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