3-channel HD video installation
Duration: 8:11 (loop) (excerpt: 1:36)
The Netherlands 2010

3-channel HD video installation, loop
Full length - 08:56 min
Excerpt duration - 01:36 min
The Netherlands

A cinematic triptych inspired by Pieter Bruegel's painting “De parabel der blinden” (1568).
The slow camera movements depict picturesque images of an idyllic Flemish landscape where a human chain reaction is revealed in a frozen position. The first of the group lies headfirst in a ditch, the second flows freely above the water, whilst the rest remain in a state of comforting lack of awareness.
As the eye follows the chain of men, a transformation in their facial expressions as well as physical postures is revealed; ranging from trust to surprise and shock. What is seen is about to collapse.

Director of Photography: Diderik Evers
Gaffer: Karina van den Berg
Postproduction: Przemek Siemion
Sound design: Yuval Reuven
Rigging: Nico Jankovski
Set production: Femke Ravensbergen

Jaco Bouwer
Sofie Araujo
Orlando Burleson
Doron Hirsch
Gertjan van Gennip
Sally Latcham

Special Thanks:
Family Huiser
Family van Schie
Studio Ram Katzir

Made possible with the financial support of Fonds BKVB
Realized during the residency at Scheltema - Utopisch Nest

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