A sequel of sorts to vimeo.com/7751804
Music is Pancake Satellites by Ilkae

I set out to make a faux 2.5D scrolling track in the style of Out Run:
but apparently I can't use nearest-neighbor scaling in QC without completely ruining performance. Unlike the last one (linked to at the top), this one actually runs in real time and so speed becomes something of an issue.

All of the landscape elements are pre-drawn sprites that use random number generators and LFOs to place them along the route. The two major variations to the landscape are determined by positions of the hills to either side (both hills are low=bridge, both hills are high=tunnel).

Christopher Wright's Spooky Send/Receive patch has been invaluable in making this. If you do anything with QC and have been puzzling about how to get a value out of an iterator, this is the best solution: kineme.net/QuartzComposerPatches/SpookySendReceive/category

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