The Crystal Geyser

This is a sad story. When I consulted my favorite guidebook, preparing for this trip, it enthusiastically recommended visiting the Crystal Geyser. According to the author, once or twice a day the geyser erupted 60 feet into the air. The picture on the page made it a must to visit.

I stayed there for parts of two days, when by coincidence an off-duty local law-enforcement officer visited with his wife. He told me he had seen the geyser erupt on one occasion for more than a half-hour.

However, he said, it had never been the same since the environmental activists had sabotaged it. It seems the local green activists didn’t like the mineral-laden water going into the nearby river, so they filled the shaft with stones and dynamited it.

Naïve good intentions, as often happens, led to disaster. The damaged geyser still puts the minerals into the river, and the tourist attraction is destroyed.

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