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Practitioner News:
How to become the NEW business Analyst needed in IT – Soup Kitchen IT
HDI sponsors Ken Gonzales and Ian Clay’s SERVICE CAMP!
itSMF Fusion 11

CIO News:
CIO’s losing control,
Book: Real Business of IT: How CIO’s Create and Communicate Value
SIM to help Hooper! Community in Action
Two Filipinas among 2011’s Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Awardees in the US
GRIPE OF THE WEEK: Why can’t people just have a decent decline. Why can’t we say no?

Social News:
Google Plus Circles
Spotify –US Arrival
GRIPE OF THE WEEK: Just unfollowed a help desk community manager. It hurt. I like the product but he's destroying that brand. #ITSM

GUEST: John Rakowski, Forrester

Show Notes:
John Rakowski, Forrester Analyst and Advisor
Stephen Mann
Customer Focused vs. Customer Obsessed
SMAK your life
IT is the business; the alignment is no longer needed.
Would an analyst say? “There is NO future for IT”
Do the requirements need to change when we are looking to hire new IT support roles?
What happens when your users start to believe they KNOW more than the service department?
Tech Savvy vs. Customer Savvy
Are your business skills today relevant in the next 24-48 months?
Is academia preparing students for business risk as well as technology?
Can we as IT pro’s survive another boom and bust
The CIO will have the opportunity to step up again to innovate
Follow Up with John at Forrester (@momskij)
Forrester ROCKs and SUPPORTS community Radio!
Stephen Mann is the MANN!

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