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PROJECT MOUNT HOLLY: Facilitating Housing and Hamlet Revitalization through Community Design

ABOUT: This short film highlights the design workshop process from start to finish and the positive direction for change that resulted. It is both a brief record of the design charrette and a story about the precursory efforts of a town working together to transform into a more resilient, vibrant, and unified community.

The Mount Holly Housing and Hamlet Revitalization Project began out of a concern for more housing options to meet town-wide needs. This concern was grounded preceeding research and assessment work done by the housing committee for the Town Plan & the current loss of children in the school due to lack of secure and suitable family housing. The belief that a vibrant school with stable student population strengthens a town through civic participation and furthers job opportunities underlies this desire to address housing needs.

The Housing Task Force over the last year has held informal discussions across town to talk to people about housing needs, posted a survey online, presented findings at Town Meeting, and hosted the design workshop. Still to come is a town-wide public meeting to pursue these outcomes and recommendations.

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