Oliver, a retired single parent, comes home from the store to find his autistic daughter, Ana, brutally abused. Taking matters into his own hands, the father sets off on a hunt to reap his revenge.

In the end, my main goal was to tell a story that would not shy from brutal imagery, not try to limit itself with predictable character resolutions, not follow a typical film-act structure, and psychologically push the characters to limitless extents.

“The unsettling cinematography, the non-linear editing, and the emotionally driven performances all played off to me as a beautiful harmonic symphony. A film that is powerful from its story to its final sound mix. Everything worked together really wel and concluded a story that I will never forget.”

Written and Directed by Hassan Said
Produced by Ryan Lough and Hassan Said
Edited by Greg Whitlow
Cinematography by Jordan Ashton Danlez
Production Design by Olivia Hill
Sound Designer/Mixing by Matt Wood
Daniel Higgins, Vanessa Donley, Jesse Mueller.

WINNER of the Jury Award for Best Editing at the Big Easy Film Festival.
WINNER of the German Independence Award for Best foreign language short film at the Oldenburgh International Film Festival
WINNER of the Award of Merit for Short film and Direction - The Accolade Film Awards
Official Selection - Queens Film Festival
Official Selection - Independents' film festival
Official Selection - Jersey Shore Film Festival
Official Selection - ReelHeart International Film Festival
Official Selection - San Antonio Film Festival
Official Selection - Indie Fest USA
Official Selection - Atlanta Underground Film Festival.

for more info, please visit : mutethemovie.com

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