During this year when I was in UK, I got to film with quite a few friendly people/riders, one of them was Marcel Hunt. I remember writing on Facebook after the Winter Lym Jam video and seeing how enthusiastic Marcel was to the idea, made me want to film with him even more.

I took the train from Waterloo and headed to Andover, which is like around an hour train's ride from London. When I arrived at Andover, Marcel gave me a lift from the station to the place where he lives. We went straight away from there to film street. Had a fun sesh, chilled, drank some Red Bulls.

After a good street film sesh, we went home, had a good meal (thank you Brooke's mum for the delish dinner), recharged the batteries and went to bed.

The next morning we got up and headed out to the jumps to film some Dirt Jumping. I really like Marcel's riding style, it's laid back and differs from the rest. His whips and tuck no handers are my favourites. When he is whipping he hits the rear triangle or the rear wheel to kick off the tailwhip and it looks laid back. No handers are as well super stylish.

During the Dirt Jump film sesh, I was stoked to see Marcel's perseverance in trying to land a flip whip. He missed the pedals and he cased once pretty bad. The handlebar hit his stomach, but he was alright and went again and he landed it! YEAH BOY!

Those two days were super laid back and chilled. After a month or a bit more, I went to Andover to record the narrative and get a few clips more of Marcel's lifestyle.

Thank you Brooke and her family for letting me stay at their place and being super welcoming!


- Andres Vaab from Red Bull Estonia who has managed to get us the beverages for the shoots.

Took a long time to edit but I hope you will enjoy this video ;)

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