This is an offshoot version of an explosion that I am working on for a shot.

The explosion is set to a real world scale as viewed through a 24mm camera (matched to a live backplate, although this angle has been changed slightly). The width of the explosion is somewhere around 215 feet, the depth ~190 feet, and the height, as viewed from the camera is around 200 feet.

The simulation time was around 24 hours (there are 157,753,596 voxels in the sim), and the render time, at 1080p, came in at nearly 60 hours.

All of this was done on my custom built PC:
Gulftown 3.2ghz i7 (hexacore)
24gb RAM
Nividia Quadro 4000

The final size of the simulation data was 101 GB.

All created in 3ds Max using FumeFX, and rendered using the scanline renderer.

There are some issues with this sim, including some minor flattening as it hits the container walls, and the diffusion of the smoke is probably a bit fast, but the main point was to try and nail the turbulence settings at this large scale, which I believe I have managed to do.

Thanks for viewing, and any feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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