This is our Video from a more or less spontaneous project we started in december last year. It was supposed to be a short action clip and came out as a hopefully authentic portrait of Cape town seen through the eyes of Windsurfers.

It was christmas time down in South Africa when Leon, Henrik and Leif arrive in Cape Town, and half of the european windsurfing population had decided to join us. When we drove out to sunset beach it was always the samescene;. hectic car parks and mellow, choppy waves. They only had a month before they had to go back to Germany and sit out the rest of the harsh winter, so the mission was set to score the best surf possible.
The conditions up in Cape Town were not really satisfying, so we started hitting the road down the cape of good hope more and more. The crew expanded fast. A typical day had Vozzy driving his Volkswagen Combi through the gates of the Cape of Good Hope National Park,, with Max, Anna, Johannes and Julian hiding in the back under all our windsurf gear to save on the entry fee. Heading through the park is the only way to access platboom, a hardcore wave-spot.
We would leave Cape Town early and came back late and starving. Spending all day together strengthened our bonds together and Julian, who was in Cape Town mastering his photography skills, started to film our lonesome sessions. Spending many hours and even days driving around looking for new spots or just enjoying the phenomenal landscape became one of our main hobbies.. As well as all the action on the water we wanted to experience the other side of Cape Town. We went in to the Townships in Khayelitsha a couple of times and enjoying a beer in a bar with the awesome guys there certainly offered us a different perspective.
When you get asked whether you are walking barefoot becauseyou are too poor to buy a pair of shoes you recognize that these people have a very special attitude to life. One which should be way more respected than it is, in many minds of people visiting Cape town.

We hope you enjoy watching this clip as much as we enjoyed creating it!

LEON JAMAER Fanatic, Hotsails Maui, Oxbow, Techno Limits Surfline Kiel
MAX DROEGE Windflüchter, Hotsails Maui, Xcel, Calm
HENRIK JAMAER Quatro, Hotsails Maui, Techno Limits Surfline Kiel
LEIF BISCHOFF Naish, Prolimit

Lullaby” (by _ghost)

“Leaf Shaped Feelings (7th Gear Remix)” (by smallRADIO)

“La Voix du Boulgou (Live @ KEXP)” (by Burkina Electric)

“Eternal Youth Eternal Fun” (by Fifty Miles From Vancouver)

“Akira vs. Konono” (by Daan Hendriks)

“Computer” (by State Shirt)

“The life i live” (by Q65)

“Juicy Fruit” (by Dr. Dru & Adana Twins)

Story about the titel:

Filmed and edited by Julian Robinet and Johannes Foerster

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