Animation concept and execution: MIKOŁAJ MOLENDA
Date: JUNE 2011

making of:

More about the Lotto Kiosk project:

For many years now, Polish cities' streets have been suffering from an uncontrolled outburst of all sorts of kiosks, street advertising objects, catering or shopping booths and stands. Low quality workmanship, total ignorance of esthetic values and ill-considered locations of such temporary constructions have long been adversely affecting the quality of city public space. The user of this space not only experiences abundance of trash but also lacks any kind of street furniture fulfilling some basic functions, such as: a bicycle stand, a bench or a convenient meeting spot.

All this considered, it was strongly felt that the project of a lottery ticket outlet should on the one hand radically cut off from to date esthetics of temporary constructions appearing in Polish cities, and on the other introduce into public space some functions dedicated to its future users. Due to a limited space taken by a Lotto pavilion a range of multifunctional city furniture has been designed to be contained within the facade thickness. A simple cubic form, in the midst of a colourful city life, becomes a sort of a litmus paper. A city is literally reflected in four walls of the kiosk, its picture is deformed leaving shapes allowing for free functional interpretation. Some vertical elements, respectively cut out from the pavilion's facade can function as a seat, a small table or a bicycle stand.

The elevation initiates a kind of a city game and constitutes a mysterious object drawing the passers-by inside. The same wooden perches appear in the kiosk's interior functioning as a counter and as a table with a bench where one can sit and fill in a lottery ticket. A characteristic esthetic language of the pavilion, which may be additionaly enliven by the use of recesses in the facade, creates a highly recognizable symbol which will be associated with Lotto outlets.

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