“A BOY” is my thesis and my first animation that involves two things I like, tin toys and alien.

TIN TOYs are charming antique toys that nowadays people tend to collect them as hobbies.
About ALIEN, some people believe that the alien abductions are true.

For these two points --tin toys +alien = I designed the alien as a toy owner who loves to abduct people and animals and transform them into tin toys.

About tin toys which are really rare to find, I’d tried my best to animate them as I studied and watched on Youtube. I apology to tin toy lovers if I made any mistake about the toys you love.

Thank you for lovely songs: Spongebob (Off to Play and The Jolly Sleigh ride), HP (Christmas at Hogwarts), Disney (Small World). And thank you very much for all my references both videos on Youtube and all tin toys websites.


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