Third of three channels in a video triptych, Bird of Paradise (Christina McPhee 2011). It will premiere in a program curated by the Center for Visual Music at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), in late July. The program will screen at LACMA through January 2012. Location: Stark Bar, central plaza (new design by Renzo Piano), LACMA.

For a three channel simulation clip please go to

Bird of Paradise three channels / 10 minutes / HD video /silent / 2011

Christina McPhee's "Bird of Paradise" explores the flow of drawing, water and paint on a winter morning. Fluorescent airbrush paint pours over folded and tesserated papers. Rivulets make scissor-like cut-forms resembling the flower bird of paradise. The forms propigate through animation as a horizontal inflorescence--moving across three screens, like a cluster of brilliant stalks, arranged on long stems, moving in sunlight. Christina McPhee is a painter and media artist, native of Los Angeles, who as a child loved racing up the spirals of the LACMA's Japanese Pavilion.... Her video projects have most recently screened in Berlin, Belfast and New York.


NOTE; this work is an expanded remix based on my 'Bird of Paradise in Slow Time" (2 hours single channel), also here on vimeo (excerpt)

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