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This is my promo for using motion graphic animation to make promotional videos that are short and fun to watch. You can call them explainer videos, uitleganimaties (Dutch), animated promo videos, but I prefer explanimations.

I used Adobe After Effects for the animation. The drawings were created in Illustrator in this case, but you could think of existing material like photo's, video's and texts to swish and swoop around to get your point across.

There is also a lot of character animation in this one which is more time-consuming. Depending on the wishes and budget of the customer (it could be you!) the animation could be more basic or more elaborate.

In this example the thing to keep in mind is to keep the message short and structured to promote your brand:

- Introduce a problem,
- give the solution: your brand,
- show how your brand works,
- show the result,
- thanks to: your brand.

So this is a short one, but you might possibly need a longer one for more intricate and difficult content, like manuals or longer infomercials like economic explanations. For instance

The goal is to make it concise, clear and fun to watch.

Many of the swooshes I used came from the classic swooshes package from (Soundlabel).
I'd been looking for something like it since most swoosh packages are too electronic for my taste. These were all very natural. Go figure that the creator is based right here in the Puddingstudio, which is why I mention it ;)
Glad to have 'em.

I did record a plop and a phone myself though. Foley is fun. But then, everything about making film is fun.

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