Six people left Jakarta, Indonesia, on July 21st to embark on a journey to Berlin, Germany. 108 hitchhiking rides, trains, buses, ferries through a total of 14 countries and only one rule:

No flying.

This independent documentary captures a two months and seven days adventurous journey on 81 minutes of film that shows my perspective of ecologic travelling.

When we travel, we usually intend to discover new worlds. Isn’t it contradicting then that we have to put our planet’s future at stake while doing so? I dont expect business men to take the Transibirian everytime they travel between Europe and Asia – or even hitchhike. However, I believe that every singel one of us should be aware of the immense energy that we demand while travelling by airplane and really consider what it means to release as much carbon dioxide into OUR atmosphere as an average person in a so called ‘undeveloped nation’ in one year with a single take off and landing. If you really understood the dimension of this inequality you would at least waive short distance flights. You would fly economy instead of business class to at least increase the emissions-per-passenger-efficiency, you’d take a train instead, which might only take one or two hours longer, you’d give a ride to a hitchhiker standing by the road, who then travels virtually emissionfree. You would think: If these people made it from Jakarta to Berlin, why wont I make it from Jakarta to Bali, from Berlin to Frankfurt or Munich, from London to Paris… ?

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