Video illustration of Benjamin Dukhan's latest Burger Girl project : Slut Machine.
Directed by Fernando De Azevedo and Benjamin Dukhan
The video is based on the famous Delacroix painting “The Death of Sardanapalus” and Rasputin’s family portrait. The Burger Girl’s explicit lyrics are illustrated non-litterally, through choreography, body makeup and the use of high fashion outfits such as those found in elegant casinos.
Burger Girl is a collective creative project around the work of Benjamin Dukhan, in music, videos and live performance. This fourth film marks the first link with his activities in the world of fashion modeling, through the collaboration of stylist Laurent Dombrowicz.

Credits - Slut Machine
Lyrics : Benjamin Dukhan
Music : Edouard Desyon
Video Direction : Benjamin Dukhan/Fernando De Azevedo
Stylism : Laurent Dombrowicz
Makeup : Yann Boussand Larcher
Featuring : Fanny Decoust, Hélène Risterucci, Tiphaine Besnard, Véronique Laugier, Lola Martin, Léa Lansade, Thomas Lagreve, Vincent Barret
Filmed in Paris on June 30th 2011 at the Chacha Club

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