client: conrad electronic se
agency: vasataschröderflorenzwagener
production: schoenheitsfarm
// concept and construction: torsten eichten, daniel feuerhake, ulli heidler
// direction: torsten eichten
// dop: eike rieche
// editing: philipp schneider
// grading: eike rieche

Imagine you have ten days and an assortment of hundreds of thousands of electronic parts at your disposal, to build whatever you like. Awesome, right?
Well, we got lucky, as we were asked to do just that. It didn't take long to come up with loads of absurd and funny ideas - most of which unfortunately involving something illegal like for instance a RC operated graffiti street painting car.

Another idea, however, wouldn't set off public authorities and solves a common problem with a rather simple and clever solution: it's safe to say that most of us have probably had their experiences with having their bike stolen and no matter how solid the lock, someone will always find a way to damage your beloved racer. So this is what we thought of.

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