"People (that Won't back down)" is a great little song by Greenhouse Effect but in reality, this is no 'little' song indeed. "Its one of our best ones..." says Clark Higgins "It might be among my favorites...its a very unusual song For G.e.,..its kinda mellow but its tastey...it's got a vibe like the Who from 'Who's Next' with some active drumming but ofcourse when one hears it, they immediately think of Heart or Dire Straights meets David Bowie,...its got an 'accoustic song' vibe to it,..yet there is no accoustic guitar on it,..it's actually kinda heavy and rocking for a song with no distortion,..its sorta like Rush in a way...it's 'classic rock' all the way - i don't wanna say it sounds like 70's Genesis(Laughs)..., it certainly isn't typical 'alternative rock' and I like the way it sounds nothing like "White Black Thang' or any of those !
For Higgins, being big and known on the internet is not enough; "Well...I still don't feel completely validated,..I mean everybody knows who I am now and plenty of people have heard my music and think I'm great blah blah,..but it sure would be nice to be on the real radio in my car...that would be great...and to actually make real money at this..!!,..but I know and understand that the people up in Hollywood and the people who run our radio stations in America are the same or very similar kind of liberal people,..they are not open-minded,..oh sure, they talk about how everyone should stop the hate and lets all love each other and all that but the reality is,..is that they single out certain 'stars' who they wanna see make it and be big AND THEY WANNA promote...,..certain people that they wanna constantly cram down all of our throats day in and day out,...they choose a handful percentage of artists and then for the most part, ..they only play those,...they want us all to love what 'THEY' like...for example, KROQ in Los Angeles loves Green Day, Nirvana, and Red Hot chili Peppers and Foo Fighters and so ofcourse,....they play these artists endlessly morning noon and night,..very few 'new' real ideas ever get through the door,...oh sure,..they may play crap like Panic at the disco and My Chemical Romance but the real reality is a lot of these new artists just really 'aren't' the next Beatles or even Nirvana for that matter..,..and you can just tell this...hey look, if you hear Fall out boy and Linkin Park, you can tell that these bands are people who somehow got a record deal by some amazing lucky break or a friend of a friend knew someone at a label or something like that ,...their music is not remarkable,..its very blande and ordinary on average in general - even supposing they 'do' got a hit song here n there,...but the music of my band Greenhouse Effect is not like that,..we do not sound boring or generic at all,..there is not one ounce of suck near my band (- there 'is' however one HELL of alot of suck hovering ALL AROUND these bands today on Mtv and PEOPLE FUCKING KNOW IT NOW ..and consciously too!!) ,..or bands like mine - the few in this world that are left! Bands that takes chances and purposely try to write good unique material and not try to 'fit in"....
For Higgins, ..its very frustrating being in his opinion one of the last of the Moheekans or being this very good thing ...nevermind being as known as he is on the net,..yet still not being able to 'cross over' to being played on the radios that he once loved,..to be played and heard while 'walking into a 7-11 the way Foo Fighters are'... "Well ,..it doesn't seem very fair to me because people 'KNOW' I am not run of the mill or average at all,..people who know me close,...great people and musicians back in the South Bay in Torrance and Redondo Beach or down here in North County (Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas) who know my music is different and special and could even sell a lot of records if ever given the chance,...it does make me stop and feel terrible at times as i do my hard work on the internet nightly blogging and writing and putting up new videos,....it just feels like I'm Wayne Gretzky and I've always been ,..but they won't even let me on the ice,..i just sit on the bench in my uniform year after year ,..getting older while all these young people ,..people who may be great nice people ,,...but lets be honest,...they don't have anywhere near the talent of me,..they are allowed to go out and skate and play and have a good time ,...but i am NOT !!...As long as this is the case,...then THIS IS THE BIG PICTURE as far as I am concerned and it seems like God has turned off the faucet of good hits from the music industry ,...sales are way down,..I don't wanna sit here and like that and hope for the industry's failure,...i don't wish for anyone's failure,..i only wanted my chance,..and i never get it - its always been this way all my life and people back in the South Bay - THEY KNOW THIS,..AND some,.. THEY SEEM TO RELISH IN IT AND LIKE IT,..to me ,..that is sickening!!,..when i was young i remember i always wanted to support as many other musicians and bands as i could,,..i helped them throw shows,..i passed out their tapes,......i didn't want them to end up like me,...but it doesn't feel like others have EVER supported Clark that way ! I want people to succeed and enjoy a good life - that's why i supported other bands,..but then there are those who come along and say "You support others because you Shark are 'the' sucker; You let people pass you by!",..well, i say,..if they got great talent,..then more power to them...for better or worse or what-ever,...go ahead and pass me by !!,..i just hope theres someone to help me someday"
"Theres a lot of hate on both sides when it comes to me vs. the recording industry - they know damn well who i am ,..and they hate me for my political beliefs and i hate them right back,...they are liberals and i am a Christian conservative,..but the big picture here,..is 'this' is wrong !! To hold somebody down and try to hurt them all because you don't agree with their stances on the issues ,..and the fact that you have the power and you 'can' do things like his is still seen in general by some and EVERYONE KNOWS ITS WRONG,...and I will continue with all my power to make sure it will eventually be seen ,...by all"
",..and if you want the truth,..they won't even let me sit on the bench with the team,...they won't even let me in the arena at all"
THIS IS WHY MUSIC SUCKS NOW,..and theres probobly many others out there too like me,..who aren't getting their fair chance,...THE RADIOS should evolve and 'learn' to play EVERYONE - forget the money !!,..unsigned artists 'and' signed - if they must ! ,..But they better do and 'change' something here !! What they got going now is bullshit !!
Like i say in my songs,..I don't wanna hate,..i was raised very roughly by some callous people who mistreated me,...i don't wanna hate someone like Ellen DeGenerate's guts,..but admit it,..someone like her wouldn't even give me the chance or time of day to sit down and explain my point of view ,..while someone like me gives EVERYONE their chance ,..and that nobody can deny !!

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