My first time at Baker was also my first time meeting and filming with A Rob. Aaron was what I like to refer as an A+ rider, not only because of his skills on the board, but also because he always new what he wanted to ride. I never once had to point out something for Aaron to ride which let me focus on my job of capturing it the best I could. Let me tell you this is a very rare thing. I attribute this to Aarons easy going mentality, all around good heartedness, and the fact that AARON LIVED AND BREATHED SNOWBOARDING TO THE FULLEST. A Rob was one of the most down ass dudes I have ever met. I dont think I had ever heard A Rob complain about anything. Its getting the chance to meet and ride with guys like Aaron that keeps me doing what Im doing. Aaron may be gone from this world, but to his friends and family his memory will last forever.

This is the Mt. Baker segment I filmed and edited from the movie Respect Your Elders. Featuring the riding of Aaron Robinson (Purple Jacket) and Temple Cummins (Tan Jacket). With appearances by Jessie Grandkoski, Ben Lynch, and Matt Cummins. Original music by Chris Emmington, Brandon Cocard, and Tim Eddy.


-Kyle Norman Schwartz

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