Ok, I rang up Permanent TSB regarding a letter I received from them about a current account that was overdrawn by €159.62.

I was just starting to follow the Social Experiment from the book "Blank of Ireland" by Darrell: O'Dea when the lady from the bank told me that she would write off the balance.

I suppose it was only right, the digital "money" was created out of thin air and it is only right that it would be destroyed as easy.

€159 is not much money to a bank, but when have they ever let anyone off with a cent?

Please read this book, the Blank of Ireland
Download and print for free here blankofireland.com/

Freedom is a state of mind

This video is not endorsed by Darrell: O'Dea and was created for experimental purposes only, by Freeman, Mark: of the Ancient Walsh Clan

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