This is part of a series of videos entitled entitled "Adventures in Foreign Policy and Peace Activism" drawn from two memoirs by Jeremy J. Stone that are posted at and which describe 45 years of his work from 1962-2007. Each video is designed to place some effort--success or failure--in historical and personal perspective revealing, in particular, an activist's motivation and thought processes in dealing with a specific dilemma.

Jeremy J. Stone describes his career interactions with the Central Intelligence Agency. He describes his apprehensions about becoming the editor of a journal being run by persons who had, previously, run a CIA-front magazine. He describes the illegal CIA program Chaos of domestic surveillance that put a CIA spy-agent into his office and that of other peace groups.

He goes on to tell how a letter of inquiry he made in 1971 catalyzed a four-year-long bureaucratic dance ending in the termination of the CIA's 20-year-long illegal policy of opening the mail of Americans. As a fitting coda to this bizarre affair, the CIA miscalculated and sent Stone a most interesting memorandum of conversation in which it plotted to maintain a knowingly illegal operation! In the aftermath of this story, Stone persuaded Senator Kennedy to introduce a bill making it a crime for government bureaucrats to lie to the public.

In 1988, he turned to catalyzing visits of high CIA officials to Moscow as a result of a humorous interaction with the CIA Deputy Director Robert Gates. This had considerable success in 1989. Later, in 1991, on return from North Korea, he began an ultimately successful effort to secure the cooperation of the CIA and the KGB on North Korea as a test case of a general campaign for CIA-KGB cooperation on crime, drugs and proliferation. The lecture ends with a discussion of his friendship and collaboration with CIA Director William Colby in Colby's retirement and with Stone's involvement in Colby's decision to purchase a vacation home—a decision that led, ultimately, to Colby's death. He reveals that it was at the home of another CIA Director, Robert Gates—3,000 miles away from the location of Colby's death--that he learned, through an insight of Gates, the cause.

This lecture was given in Brentwood Theater, La Costa Glen, Carlsbad, California on July 6, 2011.

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