'Meet Aftabudin Rayman and Peter Wojick, the fish smokers behind the hot-smoked fish division at ACME smoked fish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. ACME Smoked Fish is the largest smoked fish house in the country, processing 6-8 million pounds of assorted fish for stores and seafood counters every year.

According to Rayman, the head fish smoker, to be successful at this job, you can't look at it as just a job, an ordinary job. To him, a successful fish smoker's priority should be the fish, that internal drive to achieve moist, smoky meat with a perfect golden hue everytime - not doing the job to get an increase in pay. And running a hot-smoked fish operation isn't an easy task either: working 10-12 hour days on your feet, constantly breathing in smoke, wheeling heavy racks of hanging fish over slippery floors. It's physically demanding, which is why devotion like Rayman's is hard to come by.

So come watch their story and discover the delicate process of hot-smoking fish. It truly is a craft, a craft that takes passion and tens of years to master.

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